My Old Work2

last time i post about my gundam are just a few pics update..Alright, this time i will post some of my works where i started to involved in weathering/battle damage and diorama mode..

My 1st diorama..
My first attempt to do landscaping using: 
Black Cardboard
Paint Marker Pen-Silver, white,yellow n black
Cotton buds- for the highway light
Styrofoam n glue
Artificial greenish things@grass
Some mud..hahah from my garden
tamiya weathering master- for on road effect

After a while doing some research and learn a bit by bit with my friend Mr reza aka Ichiro kazuhiro in FB from rangsangmas (he's own a hobby shop, and a good modeler in military kit and diorama), he is my Master anyway..heheh..Thank you MASTER!! here are some advanced diorama..hehehhe

The grass you see here, i use a static type of grass where you actually can "feel" like a carpet grass on turf. i have the video on that and will upload it later.

My Battle Damage combine with diorama

Thanx for viewing! Enjoy!


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