VIGNETTE FOR 1/35 & 1/48

hi update would be a simple vignette build. however the process of coloring is time consume due to you want to blend in the colors. so lets get to the process.

-Starting with the base, i use a cork board frame which you can find in local store.
-A foam board, cut it according to the size and paste it on the cork board using 
wood parquet also can use latex glue or pva, but don't use any aggressive glue or you will damage the foam board.
-Leave it for cure.(i wait for one day to be exact)

-Using a ball pen or a hobby knife, make lines with ruler and measure as your desire width. ****DO NOT PRESS TO HARD OR YOU WILL CUT THE FOAM THROUGH**** 
-Now just scribe the brick pattern until the end of the foam board.
This is what it will look like roughly....

#After finish scribbing, check your work,adjust what ever you need.

-Using  plaster of paris (pop), mix it with water and latex base or pva glue. Mix it until you get a texture like  Mc donalds sundae ice cream ***(mixing ratio 1:2:1..pop+water+glue)***, pour on your foam board and smooth it out just like in the picture. i use the leftover foam board as a squeegee.
-Let it dry and cure for 1 day.
***The reason for adding glue in the mixture, it act as a binding agent, POP alone is not really strong when it dries*** 
**If you cant find any POP..just use plaster cement or polyfilla..items is your choice..whichever or what ever suits you**

-After dried i color it with daler rowney acrylic color act as an undercoat. at 1st i just want to leave it flat like that but suddenly i change my mind and i want to add on an old German building that i have kept for a long time. its a recast from a model i cant remember :). so just install it..another additional patch work, put some sands and some stone that i cast from woodland scenic stone molder.undercoat it again as the following picture.
***Let it dries for 2 or 3 days..just chillin out***
***using the same mixture from leftover to cast the stone***

-And after 2 or 3 days the coloring process begins.
-I start with gaianote evo black surfacer, to paint the building.
-Gaia note 205 Gray Brown for all area, but on the building i do post shading and some highlight.(highlight:mix a drop of white in the gray brown color)
- on the groundworks i mix the color with a bit of black and gray..wait till it dries for 24 hours
-Then i flat coat it with Samurai flat clear (code F1) and let it dried 1 day
-wash the ground area with MIG natural wash, AK khaki wash for the buildings
-also do some dusting and wet area, then seal it with enamel plain wash.wait for 1 day dry..then seal it final with flat coat Samurai.
here are the working process picture for your reference.

thanx and enjoy!

-The "wet area"😁😎😎😎
-Color degradation form
-Dusting a bit on the building foot

Just some fun editing..


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