PMX 003 THE O weathered

Danggg this guy is huge, this is the first time i saw him in a review on the net.PMX 003 The O..that's him..yeahhh the big bad of my fav in UC series.After a few months savings..i manage to get him and here he is.for a MG kit i think this is not a really difficult to assemble kit..the parts is big so you wont lost it even if u accidentally "mess" it up..hmm anyhow this is my latest work on him..trying to do weathering instead of clean build.. Enjoy!

Do panel lining before any assemble..thats the way i do cause i will not left any behind un panelined..hehehe

After all panel lining done, i do some dry brushing on the inner frame, i use Mr Hobby Aluminum.

 Assembling time!!!

Now its time to do the weathering effect, i use Tamiya Weathering Master Type C-Gun Metal and Type D-Oil Stain.the material look alike pastel color but its not..either you can make stain on your mokit or you can "dusted" it.. this is a wonderful can get a realistic effect but be sure to carefully do it on your kit or you will end up overdo!

To do the effect sometimes you need to play with your imagination and information from the net also helps..well up to the effect

i do the smudging by trying to follow and imagine how the mobile suit moves and which way the wind blow..a bit silly but haha worth a try..and the rest picture i do the same technique.


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