Test..Test 1..2..3..

its been a while since i update my blog...erhhh well of cause busy of work loads..lately that im free..so i decided to do some r N d on colors. i use Gaia Note color series most of it..mix and match..so hera are some picture of the results

As a starter i use Surfacer EVO Black, then layer it with Gloss Black
At left i use light stainless silver and right side i use Star bright gold

 And these are some of the outcome

Clear Yellow

Clear orange

This one a bit different, i use Mr Hobby Stainless Steel mix with silver for the base color

Primary Green+Clear Blue

Florescent Pink+Magenta(for spoon num 3 n 4 i add a lil bit of black in the silver, so the base became dark silver)

Florescent Pink+clear yellow (right spoon base is gold color)

Clear Red+Clear Yellow( all silver base, the middle spoon is the old test subject which is i put as a reference)
Well there's some of the colors that I've tried.. so far im satisfied but will make some more experiment later..heee some sneak peak on my current WIP...

this is the mother of all Florescent..

Another test done from left to right..Emerald green, blue andMagenta

THanx for your time watching guys..till i complete my WIP..will update soon..Terima Kasih


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