In my previous update i do research on some colors and i pick one of it to color my EPYON..here some of the pictures..will update more..slow phase heeeee

Using EVO BLACK surfacer (GAIANOTE color) for undercoat, then i top with Gaia Gloss Black

Then Top it with Pearl Silver a base for inner frame and armour

do a lil bit wash..a light black wash on the frame..

Compare sample with wip- this is the color for the Armour
some of the painted parts

try to snap fit it to see color tone...

 i do a lil bit tone so that it would be nice shading on it..just a lil bit..anyhow this is the outcome for my noob works..actually look not bad..hahahhaha..need more improvement in maintaining the color mixture and need more training

Thanx fo you time! chiao!


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