Hi quite busy with works and small projects here an update which is a collaboration  project with my friends Mr Reza and Jonathan LKK from RANGSANGMAS regarding Megasiza RX78-2 SHELL and Megasize Zaku PETRONAS Color Scheme..Why i choose these color scheme?? Coz this two BIG Oil company are rivals in my country..they are mostly customer choice which i think its a unique to do something AWKWARD about it this is some picture of the process and the finished product.ENJOY!!!
P/S: SHELL process pic almost the same so i only upload zaku .
All pictures are courtesy of Rangsangmas Hobby/Babahobbyworks .
All Air brush works done by Reza aka Ichiro Kazuhiro and Jon LKK from Rangsangmas hobby
All concept and Model kits by Babahobbyworks

A concept discussed with Mr Reza n Jon

Process PIC



Final Product/Photo session..yeah with LEDs..installed by Mr Jonathan LKK


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