Weathering and Battle Damage on LOTTO

Hi guy just an update a b lil bit on what im doing with my LOTTO twin set...ohh yahhh..i KILL there is my project after doing the "Moon Diorama"..

I already flat it and do some damage using solder gun, add up a lil bit of wires, and do the thing until i satisfied with the result..haha !

This one i do mix the MIG powder lunar carbon steel+Plasma burn with thinner, 90% thinner 10% powder coz i wanna do some weathering on the kit.
the below picture are the final outcome.

This is where i position the GUNDAMS on the diorama and have taken some pictures in 
different angle and for the group build there will be add ins..maybe the unicorn itself and some of the RGM's..Hopefully you all enjoy the picture, until next project..SAYONARA!


  1. God, you did really amazing!! Well done!!

  2. I love the diorama scene... Works very well! Background with space scenery will certainly add realism.

    I hope to see more updates soon!

    1. than for visiting and comment..appreciate it bro


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