Diorama For Rangsangmas Group Build Title- GUNDAM UNICORN- WAR ON THE MOON

Quite a time i dun update due to my laptop problem..now using my wife lappy hahaha..well enough with da sad story...just an update on my latest work..I join in a groupbuild with my fellow friends in RANGSANGMAS HOBBY GROUP..title HGUC UNICORN..so i do the kits and also came with a diorama, wanna kick federation ass!! hahaha the war ground i make here is the moon surface..will update it until i finished all but for now some of the pic and steps that i take to do it..

Some of the "INGREDIENT"

Just put it randomly where i want to position the "moon hill"
I use the solder gun to carved the area and refer some pictures of moon

The result..hehehehe awesome!!!

same technique use for the base

I use some clay to make the "KEPLER" on the moon surface,
just roll and panned it then make the shape and the result is in the next picture.

PS- Just ignore the stone...heheheheheh

There are some process that i cant take picture of it, thou i have 2
hands only..haha..so here some process that i can describe by words only
regarding this picture
  1. I use a mixture of water+white glue..ratio water 60% glue 40%
  2. Spread the mixture all over the base project.
  3. Use serviette tissue to cover all the base project including the moon "KEPLER"
  4. Press the tissue until it really stick onto the base, must covers all area.
  5. Spread the white glue mixture all over again, make sure they are really WET!
  6. Here a technique that i use and i name it "DRY SPREAD"..just use directly the white cement with your hand, toss and spread it all over freely or until you satisfied with the outcome.
  7. Give a dash of the white glue mixture at the area that looks dry..make it wet again, after that let it dries for 6 hours. then its ready for flat coating.

Just pure flat black coating before i wash it up with light gray+dark gray+ a bit of white,brown earth (very2 light touch up) which is in the following pictures..

 After wash it and let it dries for a couple of hours, i started to touch up the detail using sands and my "MIG" lunar dust powder which i buy from RANGSANGMAS HOBBY SHOP..and the result...phewwwwwww...

 Different angle of pictures, details on it

 just for picture purpose..heheheheh

Thanx for ur time for surfing..will do upload the diorama scene when i finish with the twin lotto..till then..sayonara!


  1. Eat moon dust you zeonist pig! Muahahahaahah! :P

    Awesome job as always bro!

  2. Thanx my friend for the support! hehehehe..and you know that federation will lost in this battleground..not zeon hahahahha

  3. Very Well Done Bro....Salute!

  4. Very very nice work.



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