HG DENDROBIUM 1/550 scale

Last week my wife take me to a surprise holiday in penang due to my birthday.heheh nice holiday we have there, thanx to wifey!! i love you! after scattered around, i called my friend and asked her where can find gundam here, so she told me to go to Queensbay Mall, i went there @ a shop name Robot Master, mix stuff sell there..transformers, kamen rider etc..and after browsing around, i found "HIM"....hahaha..so here is my latest work, HG Dendrobium 1/550..although it small but like my uncle always said.."Cant get the big one..small also can lah"..maybe one day i will buy the big one...here are some pictureson the process and finished product.Thanx for viewing

 Do some effect and dry brushing on the exhaust bits, weapon compartment and air intake

Do weathering on the unit
Need to touch up more on these guys..heheheh..

Yesterday manage to do the whole body..continue on it a bit this mornin and here it is

Finally finished the whole unit..these are the picture


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