Lately busy with my work after MITF (Malaysia International Toys Fair), will be update with my project as soon i got my time to do it..heheh anyhow till then here are some pictures of G1 battle scene diorama that i make with my crew, these are the core person (Malaysian Customizer-Mr Reza from rangsangmas hobby,Pak Malau aka Paitan, Shahizat Md Jamil, Jonathan Leong Kwan kit and a few help from others that i cant remember their name.you guys was awesome!! Enjoy your view!

P/S: All figures on this belongs to  Mr Wan De Real from De real Transwork including the GigantiC MetRopLEX!!!Click his name and it will link to his blog and find out more about his customs works!


TRANSFORMERS G1 Battle Scene Diorama

As you can see here Blitzwing is still WIP by Hash Prime
Mount St Hilary is done by Jonathan and Reza,
Me and Ijat do the rest..heheheheheh

The "ARK" is done by Mohd Suffian and colored by Mr Pak Malau aka Paitan.
Metroplex and all Transformers figure by Mr Wan de real(except Blitzwing is from Hash Prime)


  1. cool.. u've got alot of the G1 Characters... i'm looking for all the WFCs ... ><"

  2. not me bro..its bro wan de real have the character..im not really into tf stuff only certain character that i like..hehhehe..btw thanx for dropping by


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