STAR WARS- Clone Wars

*Yawnnn*..its 3.33 am..currently doing a Star Wars diorama..which is i just recently buy, a battle pack contains 2 clone troopers and 2 droids..they deserved to have a diorama..heheh check this out..
This is just a rough scene of the battle..what im going to do, i want make one of the clone trooper in flight order to do that i have to drilled a lil bit hole on it and use my leftover gundam sprue to make a stand for the flying trooper..take a look at my next pic

 Before i plaster my "Rock", i just coat it with paper towels/serviette tissue, damp the paper with white glue mixture(60% water, 40% glue) using brush.slowly damp them..hey.its an enjoyable hobby hah take your time..i mean my time..


 This diorama is ready for next stage...cementing!!

And this is the result..light sand color the way i want it..after this would be touch-up the ground and the rock area.

After the base dried, its color time!! i want to make them battle on the desert, so i choose lemon yellow+yellow orche and do the dry brush technique, wash it out with some black and a bit of white..wallah..the golden/yellow desert..
Before that i do some weathering on my clone troopers and the droids.

This is where i do the touch up with black and white, on the rock and a lil bit at the ground.

Thanx for viewing and enjoy!!


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